19 December 2008


Dog training does not have to be a mystery, you just need to anticipate what your dog will do and seize the moment when he does it. If your corrections are immediate, and you keep them short, precise and positive, your dog will know right away what he did wrong. Corrections are meant to startle the dog, not scare or hurt him.

The RIGHT Ways to Correct Your Dog
1. Build a good relationship with your dog.

2. Use a collar to make a correction.

3. Use positive reinforcement.

4. Correct at the moment your dog makes a mistake.

5. Use praise, attention, toys, food or a combination as rewards.

6. Be consistent with corrections.

7. Follow a correction with a chance to do it and get it right. Reward him when he does so.

8. Rattle a loud, noisy object or use a "growly" voice to startle your dog to keep him from doing something wrong.

9. Use a collar and leash when training outside.10. Be comfortable correcting him around others.

The WRONG Ways to Correct Your Dog
1. Never hit with your hand, an object or something they have chewed up.

2. Never shout or blame for not obeying your commands.

3. Never chase after your dog.

4. Never corner your dog.

5. Never jerk your dog's leash upward in anger, this can injure his neck.

6. Never leave your dog locked up in a small dark room.

7. Never punish for something you didn't see him do.

8. Never withhold food or water for long periods of time.

9. Never do anything anyone tells you to do that you are not comfortable with.

10. Never rub his nose in "it." This only encourages him to eat "it."

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