03 May 2015

Just Right by Purina Discount Code

Your dogs are going to love Just Right® by Purina®, a personalized feeding experience that is geared toward your dog's unique needs. The dogs like this food and it has performed really well with this reporters dogs since trying their specialized blend since 2014.
This food is available only online, and when you order, you'll provide your firsthand knowledge about your dog's physical and behavioral characteristics, and the folks at Just Right® by Purina® apply their nutritional expertise to suggest a personalized blend that your dog can truly call his or her own. In addition to great nutrition, you can even put your favorite photo of your dog right on the label. Once you've selected your food, it will ship directly to your door for free and the UPS driver even commented about how regularly the boxes arrive from Purina®
And now, to celebrate National Pet Month, JustRight has offered us a special code for readers of 20% off one order!* That's right - now is your chance to try JustRight! Simply use BEEJMINNOW20 when checking out.
To get started and learn more about JustRight, visit their website. Don't forget, this code - BEEJMINNOW20 - is only good through May 24th, 2015! 

*Official Terms and Conditions
Offer valid for 20% off one (1) order (up to $68.95) of Just Right® by Purina® through May 24, 2015. Valid on JustRightPetFood.com only. For full terms, visit www.purina.com/terms-and-conditions. If you have questions about the product, technology, et cetera, get in touch with the Just Right by Purina team. http://justrightpetfood.com/contact-us
Disclaimer: We are part of the JustRight pet blogger network but were not compensated directly for this post. 

01 July 2014

Black Beauty Breed a documentary for dog lovers

Black Beauty Breed - Trailer 1 from Angie Ruiz on Vimeo.

Minnesota dog lovers get ready for a special one-night-only screening of Black Beauty Breed, a documentary for dog lovers on Thursday 17 July 2014. This documentary by filmmaker Angie Ruiz is being hosted by the Landmark Lagoon Cinema for the film’s Minneapolis Premiere.

Black Beauty Breed is a documentary about the Rottweiler, one of the oldest dog breeds with a heritage that can be traced back to ancient Roman times. Loyal, highly intelligent and courageous, the modern Rottweiler is often misunderstood and Black Beauty Breed aims to bring viewers closer to the dog behind the perceived and sometimes intimidating image of the dog. The film highlights the positive character traits and inherent working ability of the Rottweiler.

Heartwarming, inspiring and uplifting, the film articulates the universal themes of love, resilience and the deep connection that humans can form with their dogs. It is beautifully put together and is sure to open hearts and change minds about the wonderful breed.

The screening is open to the public and general admission tickets are $12.00. You may purchase your tickets on-line for the 7:30 PM showing on Thursday 17 July 2014 screening. The Landmark Lagoon Cinema is located at 1320 Lagoon Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55408

Check out the trailer at Vimeo

In addition to this documentary, Ruiz is an actress and producer, known for Flashbacks of a Fool (2008), La milonga (2008) and Surf School (2006). Her first time on the big screen was in a featured role with Minnesotan, Josh Hartnett, in the romantic comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002). The scene was recently played in E! Entertainment's 101 Sexiest Movie Scenes of All Time.

22 October 2013

4 new catnip toys from Petlinks

Cats love catnip -- I know, seems like everyone knows that! Catnip is an herb which is related to mint, contains aromatic oils that stimulate cat’s senses causing a burst of energy and general craziness that can be just as entertaining for the cat owner as it is for the cat. (PS - catnip doesn't cause kittens to behave the same way, weird.) Petlinks has created four new toys designed to meet this requirement - the Tea Zing, the Purrfect Scent, the Catnip Stogie and the Catnip Mouser.

“While catnip seems to drive cats crazy, it is actually a great way to stimulate their senses,” said Rob Morgan Chief Operating Officer for Worldwise.  “They react to it with a burst of energy that is usually followed by a period of relaxation. It is this type of stimulation that is an essential part of their overall well being.” 

These new catnip toys are potent 100% organic catnip. The Tea Zing is a three pack of clever tea bag shaped toys that are filled with catnip. The Purrfect Scent looks like a bristly hedgehog. Fill it with catnip and watch the fun as cats rub against its soothing bristles. The Catnip Stogie looks like a cigar but is in fact catnip compressed into a cigar shape making it irresistible to cats. And finally there is the Catnip Mouser. What could be more fun than catnip that is compressed into the shape of a mouse?

All of these products use Petlinks certified organic catnip. Because it is organically grown and contains only leaves and blossoms with no inert fillers, it is exceptionally potent. Cats find it irresistible making it perfect for playtime fun.

These four products fulfill the “stimulation” category of the Petlinks Needs System. This system includes a wide variety of products specifically designed to meet the emotional, instinctual and physical needs of a cat. The nine categories - stimulation, independence, scratch, hygiene, interaction, hunt, rest, exercise and privacy are designed to help consumers find products that help keep their cats happy and healthy.

About the company
The Petlinks brand is manufactured by Worldwise®, a leading consumer pet products company. By developing unique, high-quality products made from natural, recycled, reclaimed and certified organic material, and distributing them through the nation’s largest retailers, Worldwise™ brands are changing consumer beliefs about the look, feel, price and performance of environmentally-responsible products. www.worldwise.com

Thanks for stopping past and be sure to let me know how your cats like these treats!

16 October 2013

Pet food ingredients and sourcing

Pet food ingredients and sourcing

If you're like me, you are probably always looking for the right things for your pets. I am constantly seeking out the right toys, the right places to walk the dogs, the right beds to keep them comfortable and even the right amounts and kind of playtime. In my world, I am fortunate to have worked in the pet food industry so finding the right natural pet food is a little simpler for me, but sometimes even I get overwhelmed. If you are shopping in a brick and mortar store or on-line, you'll probably notice the theme of every food being the "best" for you dogs and cats -- of course if there was only one "best" food, there would only be one brand of food.

One of the biggest concerns I've been hearing from people is about all the recalls of pet food and treats, and that is a legitimate concern. Most of us are looking for a healthy, natural product that is manufactured in the USA by a company that cares about the safety and quality of the pet food they make as much as I care about what I feed -- yes, that is a tall order.

When you start looking around at foods, there are lots of options. I like that Hill's offers comparison tools and recommendations for formulas. When you look through the information on the web site, you'll see that even in natural foods, it is important not to have too much or too little of key nutrients -- Hill's does a nice job of balancing their ingredients. I also liked that this line has no corn, wheat or soy and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

I also like that Hill’s dry foods are manufactured locally, right here at home in the USA in their own facilities. Most of their ingredients are sourced from the U.S. and all the meat and poultry comes from USDA-inspected facilities. I checked on the ingredients sourced outside of the U.S. and was told they are monitored just as strictly as those from the U.S., and Hill’s has zero tolerance for Salmonella. In fact, they conduct more than 60 quality checks on every batch of food, every ingredient can be tracked by batch or ingredient, within 24 hours, and more than 1000 Salmonella tests are conducted every month.

I've tried the Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ with my dogs, and I like how it feeds out and the dogs seem to like the flavor too. There may not be a “best” pet food for everyone, but with Hill’s® Ideal Balance™, is definitely one to consider for your companions.

Learn more about these products 
Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Adult dog food  Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Grain Free Natural Chicken and Potato Recipe Adult dog food
Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Adult cat food
Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Grain Free Natural Chicken and Potato Recipe Adult cat food

The fine print: I have been compensated for compensated for completion of this article, but the opinions remain my own. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

22 September 2013

Gourmet meals for cats and dogs and a GIVEAWAY!

Gourmet meals for cats and dogs and a GIVEAWAY!

Gourmet Menus for Your Cat and Dog

Author has been compensated for completion of this article. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.  

I've had cats and dogs in my life -- although only dogs right now -- and I can attest to both the cats and dogs wanting to be fed in the mornings. There is certainly no lounging around in our household, but perhaps that is all the horses we've had over the years too.

Our animals have always been adamant about feeding time, perhaps they were listening to my mother (a Registered Dietitian) telling us for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

When I had cats, I tried to offer them something early in the day that was enticing, often canned food, and they always seemed to like that. Once they have had the canned food, you'll want to leave a dish of dry food for nibbling on throughout the day. Cats are natural grazers, so having some food available will make the routine of eating, sleeping, sunbathing, snacking, sitting on the computer keyboard, and napping so much simpler.

If you and your cat are together during the day, offering treats is a great way to make your cat feel special -- plus it is a good way to give them attention without taking all the attention away from your own projects. If you are working outside the home offer treats to your cat when you return triumphant from the day in the work-world. Have your cat  treats in a convenient place so you can pat her on the head, hand her a tasty treat and all will be right in the world again.

For dinner, why not start with an appetizer of wet food, followed by refilling the dry food dish for dinner and late night snacks. What a lucky kitty!

When I looked at the cat and dog products for this giveaway, there were lots of positives. Here are three that you might appreciate.

Points of Interest 
  • No matter what you like to use to feed or treat your pet, you'll have a great selection with dry food, wet food and treats from Hill’s® Ideal Balance™.
  • Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ foods have NO corn, wheat or soy and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 
  • Treats aren’t just for dogs – cats love getting a special treat, too! Ideal Balance has natural treats for both dogs and cats.
Want to learn more about the products? Click on over and take a look -- you'll be able to order from there too if you want to.

Yes, yes, that is all great but how about the giveaway?

Twenty lucky winners will receive a Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Gift basket, 10 for cat lovers and 10 for dog lovers. The baskets include the following:  

Ideal Balance Dog Gift basket: (10 Available)
  • Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Grain-Free Natural Chicken & Potato Recipe Adult – 3.5 lb bag  
  • Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ wet food – 6 cans 
  • Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Treats – 2 bags variety 
  • Dog bowl 
  • Blanket

Ideal Balance Cat Gift basket: (10 Available)
  • Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Grain-Free natural Chicken & Potato Recipe Adult – 2 lb bag  
  • Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ wet food variety pack – 6 cans case 
  • Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crunchy Naturals with Real Tuna 
  • Cat bowl  
  • Place mat
 Okay, wonderful, so how do I get this great gift basket? 

Gift Basket Giveaway | Try Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free
I’d love to hear your thoughts about grain free cat and dog food.  Do your cats or dogs struggle with grains in their food? What do you like about grain free? On Tuesday, October 1st,  I will be (okay it will actually be one of the dogs picking up printed comments) randomly choosing comments (20 total) to win a free gift basket so that you can try Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free. (Be sure to let me know if you want to try dog or cat food.) Please share this with local rescue groups so that they can enter to win too.

Thanks for stopping and be sure to share and comment on Facebook too. 

14 September 2013

Dog Ring – Oh So Close To The Kickstarter Event!

dog ringThe Dog Ring is a new product that is only days away from a crowdfunding event at Kickstarter. The promotional information says the "dogs are running around trees in the backyard, happily tangle-free (I’m happy too!), and laughing as they watch me watch them romp — I wonder if they’re thinking of all their friends who will soon have more options than ever to get in the car and go out with the family?"

The product is being offered to dog owners as a new way to take your dog more places with you. There is a video from inventor and CEO David Wilder that shows how the Dog Ring works. Take a look and let me know what you think.

13 September 2013

New clothing line for cat lovers

I've seen these shirts on people -- with dogs on them -- and thought they were quite clever. Now Beloved Shirts has over 100 full panoramic (printing on 100% of fabric) pictures & designs that range from nature, pop culture, food, entertainment, animals to galaxies. You can get shirts, crew-neck sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats.

I know there are lots of "cat people" out there that will surely need some new attire with cats on it -- you passionate feline fans will know who I'm talking to.

Beloved Shirts New Cat Line is a great way for people to show their appreciation and fondness for cast in a fun and visually captivating way.

In case you want something in addition to -- or even in place of -- cat apparel, Beloved Shirts has a Candy and Desserts line, Galaxy line, and Pop Culture line. 

I hope you find something fun and be sure to send me a photo of you wearing your new clothes!