27 December 2008

Puppy SIT

Here are two easy ways to teach your puppy to sit. One involves placing pup in that position with your hands, and the other uses food. Both get the job done, but the tasty incentive may be better for shy or extremely active puppies.
You won't need a training collar for either of these methods, but be sure to use lots of verbal praise. Most dogs learn to sit on command very easily, but you will need to practice until pup learns to associate the command with the action. Remember, pup is learning an entirely new language.
1. Begin by sitting or kneeling next to your puppy. Place one hand on the back of his rear legs above the hocks and below the tail. Place your other hand on his chest.

2. As you say his name, tell him to "Sit." Gently push back on his chest with one hand and press or scoop his back legs so he "plops" into the sit. The instant he slips into position, praise him, then let him pop up if he wants to.
1. Stand in front of your puppy and hold a small piece of food in front of his nose. Say his name followed by the command "Sit!"Raise your hand slightly over his head and move it toward the back of his body. As his eyes follow your hand, he will lift his head up and drift into the sit position.
2. Once he is sitting, give him the tidbit and praise him. Use a tidbit that is small and doesn't take a lot of chewing, you want the reward to be quick and easy.Every puppy can learn this simple command. Remember training requires patience, persistence, praise and fun.
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