03 June 2009

Learning to be a Better Trainer

Do you approach your dog with total acceptance? Are you willing to meet an action or response from them with understanding? Have you taken the time to actually visualize how these interactions would look?

Are you using your active listening skills to seek the times offered to you to direct and support your dog?

Have you been paying attention to your dog so you can recognize when their confidence is building? Are you also paying attention to how quickly that step can be lost when you behave badly?

Are you developing a rapport and using care to keep that bond healthy. You don't want to destroy this cohesiveness, but rather you should be encouraging it to develop and grow.

Can you imagine creating a learning opportunity for you dog to come into their own understanding rather than putting pressure on them to come into yours?

Are you striving to work through any problems or learning situation as a team with togetherness between you and your dog?

Are you working to recognize what is happening at any given moment that is positive or not positive?

How good are you at getting your dog into a position or place to help them succeed and have a positive outcome? Are you getting better at avoiding getting into a place that is not going to provide a positive outcome?

Have you recognized that blaming the dog when something goes wrong is typical? Have you also recognized that the dog is usually doing something you have taught them to do?

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