27 February 2010

Iowa Dog / Cat Breeders - You Are Under Attack

The bill is on the governor's desk waiting to be signed. You need to either call and defend your right to have and breed dogs, OR organize and turn this around to protect you.
Anyone in the state of Iowa with more than 3 breeding males OR females is now a commercial breeder. This covers all show/hobby breeders

From the bill:

6. "Commercial breeder" means a person, engaged in the

3 9 business of breeding dogs or cats, who sells, exchanges,

3 10 or leases dogs or cats in return for consideration, or who

3 11 offers to do so, whether or not the animals are raised,

3 12 trained, groomed, or boarded by the person. A person who

3 13 owns or harbors three or fewer breeding males or females is

3 14 not a commercial breeder.

Fines are stiff and steep. And this is just touching the edge of the bill. IF you live in Iowa, you need to read the entire bill and learn what this means to you.

Please feel free to cross post and forward.

Kill "The Killing Fields" Bills of the HSUS:

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