10 March 2010

Brach's Candy, Pretty Horses, French Bulldogs, Westminster Dog Show

Marion Hulick, 75, watched her dog, Ch. Robobull Fabelhaft Im On Fire, make history as the first French Bulldog to win the Non-Sporting Group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden. His owner, Hulick, is former horse trainer known for her heinous role in slaying show horses for insurance money.

Hulick helped her boss, cell phone heir, George Lindemann, Jr., by finding and assisting sleazebag animal hit man, Tommy Burns, kill her equine charge, Charisma, on 15 December 1990 in Brewster, Putnam County, New York where she led Burns to the horse's stall. Hulick offered Burns $35,000 of the $250,000 in insurance money to kill the show horse. Burns then attached a metal clip to the horse's ear and another to his rectum and plugged a wire from them to an outlet, electrocuting him. Marion Hulick received a 21-month sentence for her role in the insurance fraud and served six-months in federal prison. Burns and Lindemann also were convicted and served time.

Marion Hulick wanted to let people know that her behavior was "a mistake of a young person I was working for." It doesn't have anything to do with how I conduct my life. I love my dogs," said Hulick. At least we know what to call that behavior now! Hulick currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband, about a dozen French bulldogs and about a dozen retired show horses. One wonders how well-insured and how nervous that group may be.

Brach's Candy
Wonder how to make the leap of faith between Marion Hulick and Tommy Burns (aka Tim Ray) and Helen Brach? Well, look no further! Brach was listed on the following horses killed for insurance: Rub the Lamp, Belgian Waffle, Rainman, Roseau Platiere and Empire. Helen Brach was declared dead in 1984. The theory still plays that Brach was killed by a horse trader, Richard Bailey, that romanced her and then defrauded her of hundreds of thousands of dollars and ultimately had her killed when she threatened to expose him. Bailey hired Tommy Burns to kill horses so Bailey could collect insurance money.

More on this and how it ties into Rielle Hunter coming too.

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