13 November 2010

Dr. Suess - Proofing the SIT

This is so wonderful that it must be shared! I saw it on Facebook from Go Pet Friendly and they saw it at Pinnacle Farm Airedales and they reference Clicker Training and Rewarding Behaviors

Where are you in the training sequence? Have fun, that is what it's all about!

Dog Training Meets Dr. Seuss
By Casey Lomonaco on 09/16/2009 

When proofing behaviors, I am inspired by the wonderful, magical Dr. Seuss.

Will your dog sit, here or there?
Will your dog sit, anywhere?
Will she do sit in the class?
Will she do sit on the grass?
Would she do sit on a box?
Could she do sit wearing socks?
Will she sit, even wearing a hat?
Could she sit if she saw a bat?
Can she do sit in a car?
Can she do sit where you are?
Will your dog sit on a boat?
Will your dog sit in a moat?
Can she sit on bubble wrap?
Can she sit when people clap?
Can she do sit here or there?
Can she do sit anywhere?
she would not, could not…
on a boat,
in a moat,
wearing socks,
on a box,
near a kitty,
or a pittie,
at her class,
on the grass,
on a train,
in the rain,
near a fox,
on a box,
near candy bars,
underneath the stars,
here or there or anywhere…
Practice, practice, then you’ll say
She will sit! She will sit every day!
She will sit whether here or there,
In fact, she will sit everywhere!

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