15 March 2011

Dr. Phil's dog attacks guest in his Beverly Hills home, talk host sued for it

Photo from CBS

(CBS) – Dr. Phil McGraw is being sued for personal injuries and damages after his dog allegedly attacked and injured Janet Harris, a frequent guest on Dr. Phil’s talk show as a skin care specialist, according to online reports.

Harris went to visit the McGraw family’s Beverly Hills home in late 2009 and Maggie, their Korean Jindo, allegedly attacked Harris “without provocation and warning,” according to the complaint filed Feb. 2, Radar Online reports.

According to Harris’ statement the dog bit her right hand and arm so hard she bled. She later says in the complaint that Robin McGraw, Dr. Phil’s wife, offered to take her to the hospital, but Dr. Phil said otherwise, claiming it would create “unnecessary” bad press and he wanted to handle it privately, according to the gossip site.

Harris was given antibiotics by a physician through a friend who is a nurse, but the next day her arm was swollen, according to her statement.

According to Harris’ lawsuit, after she received a Tetanus shot she also had to take I-V antibiotics and see an infectious disease specialist who diagnosed her with pastuerella multocida, a disease caused by an animal bite, Radar reported.

Harris also claims the bite would have been fatal if she had not taken antibiotics within 72 hours. She states that the bite caused her business to struggle because she was physically unable to work, forcing her to close her Beverly Hills clinic, the complaint claims according to Radar.

Dr. Phil’s attorneys are demanding the lawsuit be dismissed because it’s in violation of an agreement to arbitrate any disputes, Radar reports.

Harris’ attorneys fired back telling Radar Online, “His motion is an attempt to deny her the right to a jury trial by using a declaration that has nothing whatsoever to do with the case at issue. We hope he sleeps well.”

Dr. Phil's dog attacks guest in his Beverly Hills home, talk host sued for it http://bit.ly/fKPgwi

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