28 October 2011

Dig Defence® Animal Control gets a paws up!

Ned Bruha - The Skunk Whisperer (Credit - Ned Bruha)

My Facebook friend, Ned Bruha, The Skunk Whisperer®, has created a new wildlife barrier called- Dig Defence® Commercial Grade Animal Control. This heavy gauge, easy to install, sturdy barrier permanently and cost-effectively fixes problems that previously led to expensive trapping and relocating of wild animals. Bruha worked with the inventor of the lighter weight, original Dig DeFence product created for dog digging problems. This new product is a stronger commercial grade product that could stand up to nuisance wildlife like raccoons, foxes and opossum. Dig Defence Commercial Grade Animal Control also stops your dog from digging under the fence. This life and money saving product gives you a permanent solution to a wildlife problems and dogs acting like prison escapees.

I love that this product is permanent, quick and easy to install, is no-shock, and is humane. The product is really easy to install and is really cost effective for dog owners. Keep fences down, pets in, predators out! I like that I don't have to worry about the escapes and can save time and money.

For additional information, visit the Skunk Whisperer or call 918-261-4444.

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