16 January 2012

Charlie saves his neighbor from fire

Image: Julie Reinardy

What breed of dog do you associate with fire fighters? If you’re like me, it might be a Dalmatian, however for the Reinardy’s neighbor that dog would be a Yorkie called Charlie.

As Julie Reinardy and her family slept, a fire broke out at their neighbor’s home. Charlie, a four-year-old Yorkshire terrier knew something was wrong. The tenacious terrier apparently could hear the smoke alarm going off and his determination got the Ms. Reinardy up and dialing 911. The fire department came quickly and the neighbor that Charlie likes to watch garden was able to save himself and his home.

Charlie is a spunky terrier that immediately fit into the Reinardy family with Cooper the Labrador/Beagle mix and Daisy the cat. This little dynamo has a giant personality and like all good terriers refuses to give up – which was really lucky for his neighbor! Charlie has a softer side too and loves to snuggle and cuddle with his family.
Good boy Charlie!

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