27 January 2012

Missing Dog - Bouvier des Flandres - New Mexico

Leo is a two year old male Bouvier des Flandres dog who recently was placed with his new family in Taos, NM. He went missing 15 January 2012 in a Forest Service area near Penasco while on a sledding excursion with the family.

Leo is a medium gray brindle in color, 26 1/2" tall at the shoulder, and weighed 85 pounds when he went missing. It would not be unusual for him to have lost weight since he has been missing. He was wearing a blue collar, but had no ID tags on. He is micro-chipped.

This dog is friendly to people and other dogs, but may be tentative or skittish because he has been missing since 15 January 2012.

Leo has been spotted at a distance in the same area since then, and has been heard barking, but the family has not been able to retrieve him. A live trap has been placed in the area and food is being left on a regular basis but Leo has not been caught yet.

Flyers have been sent to local veterinary clinics and animal shelters in the area. Contacts have been made with rescue people in the area, and some have been able to go to the area to search for Leo, but they have not been able to find him yet.

The people involved would greatly appreciate help from anyone in the area who can help find Leo and bring him to safety. They are also asking for suggestions of resources in the area that would help with finding and capturing the dog.

Some possible resources could be horseback search groups, as well as foot searchers with dogs to try to attract and entice Leo to return to safety. If someone had a trained tracking dog that would also be helpful.

The families have asked if you spot Leo, do NOT chase him. Instead try running the other way and being silly to attract him, or just stand still and talk quietly to the dog to encourage him to approach.

If you can help find Leo, suggest resources to help find him, or if he is spotted or captured, please contact Sue immediately at 503-648-9385 or 503-693-7523. There is voice mail for each line. Other contacts: Jody at 505-453-5762 and Kathy at 505-266-9204. 

This is a much loved dog that needs to be found and returned to his family. Please help find Leo.

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