19 November 2012

REVIEW -- Yes, food can help your dog calm down

Royal Canin veterinary diets recently released a new dry food for dogs and cats called CALM.  The ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet® CALM™ formulas are designed for dogs under 33 pounds as well as cats that have high stress and anxiety. CALM formulas include amino acids and Vitamin B3 to help pets maintain emotional balance and are specially formulated to help relieve stress and anxiety without the use of medication.

Causes and signs of Anxiety
Things that seem minor to people can be a source of considerable stress for pets. Some situations where your veterinarian may recommend CALM could be used include:
  • Introduction of a new pet into the household
  • Boarding/kenneling
  • Lack of access to the outside
  • Travel
  • Hospitalization
  • Moving
  • Home renovation
  • Storms/thunder
  • Separation anxiety
  • Loud noises
Stressful situations can affect a pet’s ability to adapt and can lead to undesirable behavior. 

Some dogs and cats show signs of stress by:

  • Excessive salivation
  • Urinating in inappropriate locations
  • Change in eating behavior
  • Compulsive licking
  • Digestive upset

How can a diet help?  
CALM is a first-of-its-kind diet to combat stress and anxiety. CALM includes three unique calming nutrients to help both cats and dogs maintain emotional balance:

  •  Alpha-casozepine – a protein fragment that comes from milk and is shown to have calming effects after eating a meal.  
  • L-tryptophan – an amino acid that creates a sense of well-being (picture how sleepy everyone gets after Thanksgiving turkey.) 
  • Nicotinamide – also called Vitamin B3, creates a calming effect with the central nervous system.  

For ideal food performance, pets should start eating CALM about 10-days before a stressful situation. CALM is designed to help manage stressful events and the need for supplements while on the food may be reduced or eliminated. CALM is a nutritional solution and since pets are eating it on a daily basis, there is less chance of missed doses when compared to medications. CALM is a complete and balanced diet and can be fed as a long-term nutritional solution. Royal Canin veterinary diets recommend that pet owners talk with their veterinarian before starting on any nutritional therapy program.

CALM products are available at veterinary clinics nationwide. CALM comes in 8.8 pound bags for cats or dogs under 33-pounds. If you are interested in purchasing the food you may want to download this rebate form from Royal Canin.

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Full disclosure: I received a free 8.8 pound bag of the CALM dog formula from Royal Canin for review. I was under no obligation to write about the product and have received no additional product or compensation.

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