03 January 2013

Arabian horses, seahorses, plastic surgery and cloning

This is a Seahorse (Image) -- note the big upper head and the tiny lower face.Attractive in a seahorse, but to my eye not as attractive in an Arabian horse. I'm unclear on why the extremes are allowed to happen, and I don't like them in horses, dogs, cattle, people... Why fall for the fads? How about taking the time to actually breed and develop sound animals? I know, call me crazy.

Here's a little horse tale for your enjoyment. Be sure to follow the links for even more details.

Then there is this horse -- Magnum Psyche (Image) the horse that plastic surgery created...
Yes, he had plastic surgery on his throat latch area and then was able to keep showing. Notice the really flat topline. The next photo is one of his offspring, Magdalene (Image) and note the more seahorse looking head. Also a fairly flat topline... not great for riding, but certainly wins a lot in the halter venues.

I am unclear when this seahorse look became popular, but there is plenty of it out there. I also wonder what has happened to the Arabian horse by blending all these various lines and types so they become a mish-mash of everything and therefore really nothing.

As I was looking at the photos of Arabians, I also recalled the lawsuits, the cloning of LD PISTAL, AHA #573783, D/O/B 5/20/2000 and more...


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