18 January 2013

Review: Bow Wow Wow Dog shampoo

Full disclosure: I was sent two bottles of Bow Wow Wow shampoos to try on my dogs. The products I received are reviewed below, but there are other scents available from the manufacturer.  

Let’s start with how often should a dog be bathed. The simplest answer is as often as you want to bathe them. Dogs with skin issues or are dirty from romping in the mud or are show dogs getting a lot of products put on them will need to be shampooed more frequently than most companion dogs. 

Cedarwood Anise is has warm licorice, cedar and sweet orange scents to help eliminate the "wet dog" smell while adding a warm, woodsy and comforting scent to the bath area. Dogs have over 200 million scent receptors – you have about 5 million. Those scent receptors make bath time more pleasant for both you and your dog.  Anise smells like licorice, and combined with cedar and a twist of sweet orange makes for a wonderful deodorizing shampoo.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey is great for dogs with sensitive skin as it uses extremely gentle ingredients. This shampoo required a synthetic blend fragrance, and even though it is very slight, the manufacturer offers it because it smells wonderful. To compensate for the fragrance usage, they added real oatmilk extract to help soften fur and skin.

All Bow Wow Wow shampoos use chamomile, aloe vera, green tea, and green algae extract to condition skin and coat. Coconut milk and vegetable protein provide a gentle foaming action naturally and without chemicals, leaving your furry friend feeling silky soft.  Sold in 16-ounce bottles, this is one of the mildest, gentlest and most natural dog shampoos you’ll find. 

Caribbean Solutions Company is a soap specialty company, and they have spent a lot of time developing these natural dog shampoos to be the safest possible solution for your pet. The products are as tearless as water, with the optimal pH of 7, the same as water. As an added perk, the Caribbean Sol folks share that these shampoos contain one of the best skunk deodorizers in the world, also nontoxic of course.  

These are nice shampoos and I feel comfortable recommending them. They are all natural, chemical free, flea and tick treatment safe, pH balanced for a tear free formula, great for dogs with sensitive skin and owners who like natural products for their pets. For my use, I would like to be able to dilute them a bit more to wash more dogs per bottle, but all-in-all it is a good value for the price.

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