04 October 2009

Dog Person or Cat Person? How to Tell.

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I have always considered myself to be a little of both. I really consider myself an animal person more than any specific species. I took the quiz linked below and not surprisingly am both with a tendency to all animals. Cat person, dog person, which are you?

Are there differences and similarities between the two? Can both factions get along? Are many of you like me and are more of crossover animal aficionados?

I took a straw poll and wanted people to comment on characteristics of dog and cat people so I could get a feel for what traits are associated with the different species. Here’s a sampling of what I found:

Dog People:
· Active
· Adventurous
· Animated
· Anthropomorphize
· Athletic
· Caring
· Charismatic
· Direct
· Down home personalities
· Energetic
· Faithful
· Focused
· Friendly
· Fun
· Generous
· Good
· Gregarious
· Happy
· Helpful
· Highly motivated
· Interact with their pets
· Kind
· Laugh more
· Leaders
· Like to talk to strangers
· Loyal
· More likely to be fit
· Obedient
· Opinionated
· Outgoing
· Pensive
· Persistent
· Rambunctious
· Sharers
· Smart
· Social
· Strong (Mind & Body)
· Talk to their dogs
· Talkers
· Team Player
· Thoughtful
· True
· Utilitarian
· Willing to work
Cat People:
· Admirer of Beauty
· Aloof
· Annoying
· Bad
· Busy outside the home
· Calm
· Caring
· Contemplative
· Critical
· Curious
· Dependent
· Discriminating
· Followers
· Graceful
· Hesitant
· Homebodies
· Independent
· Intelligent
· Intensely loyal
· Introspective
· Less likely to be fit
· Like Quiet
· Loners
· Loony
· More acquaintances versus friends
· Mysterious
· Needy
· Persnickety
· Picky
· Playful
· Reflective
· Reserved
· Sedentary
· Selfish
· Snobbish
· Snooty
· Snugglers
· Stand offish
· Stealthy
· Subtle
· Thoughtful
· Too busy to work with their pets
· Want self-sufficient pets
· Weird
· Whiners
Dog People and Cat People:
· Confused
· Intelligent
· Smarter than people with children

Most people generally think of cat people as introverts and dog people as extroverts. Cat people are thought to be readers, movie watchers and appreciate listening to music – classical usually follows the musical description. Dog people are more likely to be considered sporty, adventuresome and outdoorsy while their counterparts are indoor, homebodies. Cat people are more likely to “stay-cation” while dog folks are outdoor vacation types.

In my straw poll, cat people were seen as more selective about their friends with a small group of similar type people that were reliable and consistent. Dog people, on the other hand, had large numbers of friends and acquaintances that are considered close friends.

On a really amusing note, cat people were considered to be modest and not prone to drawing attention to themselves while dog people were far more boisterous and liked drawing attention to themselves and their deeds.

Some folks shared that cats are simpler than dogs. Once they are past the kitten stage where they want to play and interact, most of them are fairly self-sufficient. Cats sleep for a large portion of the day, usually are pretty good about using a litter box, and for the most part are a pet that most people don’t need to know you have.

Dogs, on the other hand, do require walking, outside bathroom breaks, training and especially the opportunity to interact with you on a regular basis. All of these can be very good for the dog and for you.

Regardless of your preference, you love your companion and appreciate them for all they offer you.

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