12 November 2009

Horse Links

Image: http://www.shineabit.com/shine.jpg

Here are some interesting sites for you to visit and learn more about horses.

Chuck Grant- The Father of US Dressage. I love Saddlebred horses and really enjoy watching, riding, driving, drawing and painting the breed. Particularly interesting to me is his view of using the Saddlebred as a dressage horse.

Karl Mikolka – Former Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School and a friendly individual with lots of excellent information to share.

Horses For Life – Lots of good information and insights to help you learn more about dressage and there is information on natural horsemanship there too. If you are looking for information on how to get away from "Blue Tongue" training, this might be a good start for you and your horse.

Eclectic Horseman – Information for the serious horseperson or trainer. Cross discipline information so any seat should find something there to add to their repertoire.

Cowboy Dressage - This offers good insight into the benefits of training all horses to use their bodies appropriately.

Jack Brainard - Some history and insight into Jack and his 80+ years in horses. I had the opportunity to see Par Three (AQHA) the sire of Zan Parr Bar at his place in Texas. Always entertaining and has some valuable information to offer.

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