21 March 2010

Picking a Puppy

The time has come to select your new puppy. One of the biggest things to consider is what breed is right for your household. No matter how cute a puppy is or what breed you like the look of, please take into consideration the breed or breeds involved and what they are like as adults. Also, do you research on any genetic health related concerns so you know what might be in your future. This is also the time to decide if you want a male or female pup. Having these pieces of information all ready in place will help you select the right companion for your family.

Purebred dogs make it easier for you to determine what your adult dog will look like since you have a good idea of what the breed looks like. Remember to ask your breeder for all health information on the parents and do you research to see what health concerns you should be aware of in your breed of choice.

Mixed breed dogs have parents of different breeds. Mixed breeds include the new "designer" breeds that you see for sale too. It can be more difficult to determine the adult size of these dogs and sometimes their temperaments are hard to predict too. 

When selecting your pup, know what puppy behavior translates to as adult dog behaviors. If you aren't sure what the best pup is right for your family, contact me or someone with similar training and skill to help you pick your puppy. A responsible breeder will help you select a dog that is the right fit for your family. Ask your breeder to share what they know about the pups and their parents and what to anticipate as the  pups grow up.

Are there differences between males (dogs) and females (bitches)? Absolutely. Unaltered males are usually more highly sexed -- looking for breeding opportunities -- and are often dominant and more aggressive. Intact females may be more gentle and easier to train, but can be challenging for the average dog owner when they are in heat. Having your dog spayed or neutered is a good plan if you don't have a companion that will improve the breeding pool.

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