16 March 2010

Rescue Dog

Instead of a puppy, you may opt for adopting an adult dog. The upside of adults is you know what you are getting for size, temperament and many are house trained. Be aware that rescue dogs may have an issue that caused them to be needing a new home. As with a young dog, make sure your adoptee gets the time and training needed to make a successful transition to your home.

If you can find out why the dog is being rehomed, you will have a leg up on what needs to be addressed when your new dog comes to your home. The rescue will likely have questions for you, and you should have questions for them too so everyone is sure the dog is getting an appropriate match.

Rescue dogs should be in good overall health and most will be spayed or neutered -- or at least have a discount voucher for getting the taken care of.

Be aware that children under five and rescue dogs may not be the best mix. Both will take a great deal of time commitment and your dog my not get the attention he deserves if you are busy running around after a child.

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