30 November 2012

REVIEW - Say good-bye to pet allergies with PetCFL


The Purely-Products Pet CFL is energy-efficient and has an advanced built in ionizer that controls dander and eliminates pet odors. For many pet owners, the price for their pet's companionship is watery, itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing as their body reacts to pet dander. Allergens like pet dander do collect on fur, adhere to walls, clothing and other surfaces, and once airborne, stay suspended for long periods of time. Pet CFLs , clean the air, removing pet dander as well as tobacco smoke, pollen, mold, germs, dust mites and more with a built-in ionizer. 

This is a decent product, and it performed well with some reservations and usage guidelines. The product was tested in a house with multiple dogs that had some renovation work done so there is plenty of dog hair, dander and silty construction dust to control. 

When the bulbs were first exchanged in lights, they were in a large open floor plan room with a high ceiling and it seems the room size may have impacted the results as there was no noticeable difference in the air or in the amount of dust. 

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The next location was a bedroom with lamps that had shades on them. When installed in this room, the air did smell a bit fresher. Over time I did not notice too much difference in dust. Next the bulbs were put into an open topped light in the same room – this made more of a difference both in how the air smelled and in a reduction of dust particles. Was it enough dust reduction to never clean again, no, but it was enough reduction to be noticeable. 

Overall, the bulbs performed best in the smaller room, and they are a good way to keep things smelling fresher and keep the dust down which may help reduce allergies. Some may find the initial purchase price a bit prohibitive, but like many CFL lights, they should last longer than incandescent bulbs. You may check them out and buy them here. You may learn more about Purely Products Pet CFL here.

Full disclosure: I received two 60W bright white Purely Products Pet CFL bulbs to try and review. I am under no obligation to write about these and have received no additional compensation.

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