10 December 2012

AKC Beginner Novice

Napping Chinook -- Bailey

The American Kennel Club (AKC) introduced the Beginner Novice class and title in 2010. This class is meant to be done before entering into the Novice ring, much as the pre-novice class was, only with a title option. Dogs that get a qualifying score at three trials with two different judges will earn the title “BN” after their name.

1. Heel on Leash
2. Figure 8
3. Sit for Exam
4. Sit Stay
5. Recall

Sit for exam.
This exercise is meant to be performed on leash and act as a training tool towards the Novice level “Stand for exam.” The dog will need to be on a six foot leash and the judge will approach the dog from the front, and touch the dog’s head with only his fingers.

Sit Stay.
The leash remains on for this behavior, but will be placed on the ground. The owner will leave the dog on the judge’s command and walk the perimeter of the ring. When the owner returns to the heel position the exercise is complete.

This is off leash and the handler will be approximately twenty-five feet from the dog. The owner will call the dog and the dog should sit in front. No finish is required for this behavior.

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