04 April 2013

Is it okay to feed wild birds in the spring and summer?

Spring is finally arriving and now is a great time to get ready for the birds passing through on their migration and those birds that will stay until it is time to fly south again. The migrating birds may find your feeder(s) a welcome source of nutrition on their long trip – even more so if they still have quite a distance to go. 

Birds are busy this time of year and the feeders help them meet their energy needs for selecting mates and building nests to raise their young. In the summer, having access to feeders will provide energy for raising their young.  

You can be confident that year-round bird feeding is beneficial for the birds and enjoyable for people watching the birds at the feeders too. 

Bird Feeding Safety Tips 

  • Dispose of wet or moldy birdseed 
  • Change hummingbird nectar feeders every three days 
  • Change birdbath water daily 
  • Remove suet in hot weather to prevent it from spoiling 
  • Clean wooden bird feeders with hot, soapy water and some elbow grease. Don’t use chemicals because the wood absorbs it and then the birds absorb to chemicals through their feet. 
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