10 September 2013

Hill’s® Ideal Balance™: Behind the Scenes

I saw the new pet food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition right away I loved the look of the bag with a silhouette of a dog or cat against a burst of daybreak sunlight on the bags This new food looks so different that I would not have imagined it was something from Hill’s.  Hill’s® Ideal Balance™, is a new, natural pet food recipe formulated for dogs and cats.

This new line has lots of consumer input so Hill’s had a good understanding of what people were looking for in foods for their companions. Ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat-based protein were on the tops of their lists, while ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy ranked lower.  

Having toured the Hill’s facilities in Topeka, I know they have wonderful pet nutritionists and those folks were instrumental in taking the information from consumer input and developing a recipe with high-quality natural ingredients that tastes great to animals and has optimal levels of over 50 nutrients. What that means to the consumer is that foods don’t have too much or too little of the key ingredients that help promote your pet’s best health.

As a marketing junkie, I love seeing how things come together from concept to shelf and I really enjoyed seeing all the production photos from the shoots in Warsaw, Poland. A skilled production and animation team created commercials set in a hyper-realistic world of balanced nutrition for cats and dogs. In separate commercials, viewers follow a dog and a cat as they discover the world of Ideal Balance. Along the way, they journey through the balanced elements that make up Ideal Balance: Perfect proportions of what pets need to be healthy – not too much, not too little.

Hill’s has changed the blueprint for pet food marketing by creating something that feels interactive and textured. The commercials blend real, natural elements like grass and gravel with stylized landscape animations. Combined, the two layers work seamlessly with live-action footage of pets, putting the animal in the Ideal Balance world that showcases the food’s true potential. Much like the reinvention of Ideal Balance pet foods from the ground up, Hill’s managed to successfully reimagine how to communicate with consumers and give them what they want. Here’s a Behind the Scenes video that gives you a look into how the TV commercial was created: http://youtu.be/USicbhgxt1k 

Now that you know a little more about what went in to making this new, natural pet food – go out and get some for your own family, and see the difference natural ingredients perfectly balanced can make! Hill’s website offers all sorts of information on the products, including where you can purchase them, online or in your neighborhood – and you can even try it free with the rebate offer!

Once you get the food, be sure to let me know what you think of it!

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